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Social contributions
Hokkaido Milk Kobo is
a Chuwasekiyu Group.

Chuwasekiyu Group

vocational service

Arousal of disaster response in business continuity plans

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, we reaffirmed that we play an important social role as a fuel supply company in the event of a disaster, and formulated a business continuity plan.
Event holding
Venue/Sapporo Park Hotel Participating companies/30 companies The number of visitors/1,140 people lecturer/21 people
Company website for business continuity plan.
Main issue
Lack of winter disaster training、Operation of in-house power generation、Shortage of mobile fuel in the event of a disaster、Securing heat sources for shelters

Vietnamese exchange meeting

At the Chuwa Group, there are 30 to 40 Vietnamese and Chinese technical interns and permanent staff members, and we hold events throughout the year as a welfare program for the purpose of understanding Japanese culture and experiencing the charm of Hokkaido.
Based on this, we are co-hosting with companies that employ foreigners so that they can experience the charm of Hokkaido and Japan, not just as migrant workers.
Main events held in the past
  • Sports competitions such as volleyball, badminton, and jump rope. About 70 people from 8 companies participated.
  • Snow play experiences such as snowman making and sledding. About 50 people from 7 companies participated.
  • Experience skiing, bowling and rice cake making.

chuwa group

Social contribution activities

Elementary School Mini Basketball Tournament Held

Basketball is the most populous sport in Hokkaido, but compared to baseball and soccer, it is harder to get corporate sponsors for elementary school tournaments.At our company, we hold mini-basketball tournaments because we want to increase opportunities for elementary school players who want to be active but have few opportunities to relax and experience the game.We provide opportunities to nurture humanity through the sport of basketball and contribute to children's human education.
competition summary
  • Participating team/8 men's teams, 8 women's teams, a total of 16 teams, about 450 participants including parents
  • venue/Yubari Cultural Sports Center

Supporting Mogul skiers

In anticipation of the bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, we are supporting freestyle ski mogul athletes to contribute to the development of Sapporo local athletes.May 2022: 4 students: 1 university student, 1 high school student, and 2 junior high school students.