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how to make our ice cream

Hokkaido milk is good quality and delicious is the image that everyone has.
We are pursuing a taste that brings out the potential of Hokkaido milk, a taste that allows you to feel the solid taste of milk, but has a refreshing aftertaste that makes you want to eat more and more.
There are many flavors in the market that are both rich and sweet.
There are still few ice creams that combine the three characteristics of milk flavor, elegant sweetness, and smooth texture.Our goal is to master this taste.
A flexible development system that pursues taste by ascertaining the quality of each product by hand.We make full use of manufacturing equipment manufactured by Carpigiani, the industry's top manufacturer, and are particular about chewy texture and smoothness of our ice cream.
If you are a company that wants to create original products using our ice cream, please try our ice cream.


Introduction of original products of Gifts From The North

  • 研究員の姉妹おすすめセレクション 9種類
  • PINKY PINK ICE 6種 6個セット
  • 金雪シリーズカップアイス10種10個セット
  • アイスクリームごろっとアイス 5種セット
  • タルトアイス 4種セット
  • 金雪のクリーミィアイス ピスタチオ
  • 金雪のクリーミィアイス シャインマスカット
  • 金雪のクリーミィアイス ミルク杏仁


We undertake everything from product development to production for OEM/ODM manufacturers.

Characteristics of ice cream made by Hokkaido Milk Kobo

The basic ingredients for ice cream, such as milk and butter, are from Hokkaido.
Hand-made and consistent quality

Negotiable for production quantity

Wide variety, high quality, reasonable price, customer-oriented product creation


Handmade ice cream studio introduction

In order to pursue the firmness and smoothness of the ice cream, as well as the melt-in-your-mouth feel, we have introduced a large number of high-performance equipment, including manufacturing equipment manufactured by Carpigiani, the industry's top manufacturer.
Characteristics of manufacturing equipment manufactured by Carpigiani

Knead the mixed ingredients in a spiral.It is a feature of Carpigiani that this powerful process of kneading is included.By hardening while kneading, the ice cream itself has a chewy texture.

The ice crystals generated during the process of kneading the ice cream are crushed long and finely, so the ice particles are smaller than ordinary machines, resulting in a smooth texture.
  • pasteurizer


    【Made by Carpigiani】

  • pasteurizer


    【Made by Carpigiani】

  • batch freezer

    LABO 2060 XPL/P

    【Made by Carpigiani】

  • filling machine


    【Made by NAOMI】

  • filling machine


    【Made by NAOMI】

  • blastchiller and
    shock freezer


    【Made by FMI】

  • 1


  • 2

    double sink

  • 3

    Work table with drawer

  • 4

    digital platform scale

  • 5

    work table

  • 6


  • 7


  • 10

    double sink

  • 11

    Electrolyzed water generator

  • 12

    Work table with drawer

  • 13


  • 14


  • 15

    work table

  • 16

    cabinet table

  • 18

    manual capping machine

  • 20

    moving table

  • 21

    one tank sink

  • 22

    work table

  • 23

    hand washing sink

  • 24


  • 25


  • 26

    Work table with drawer

  • 27

    impulse sealer

  • 28


  • 29

    work table

  • 33

    prefabricated freezer

Capable of manufacturing more than 5,000 units per day in two shifts